Years ago when I was in high school I took a multi media art class at the recommendation of a friend. Little did I know that the class would set off my love of visual arts in a way that could not be shaken. Ever since those days, my life's passion has been to produce images, to tell stories, and to document the world. Following high school, it was clear the visual arts was my path. After obtaining a degree in graphic design I took another leap into going to school for photography.

Since graduating college with a bachelors degree in photography over 12 years ago, I have been working as a professional photographer in many genres of the art. I have a large deal of experience in the genres of food, lifestyle, portraiture & corporate event photography.

In addition to my commercial background in the medium; I have a strong passion for the documentary genre of photography, but with my creative design based edge applied. I love photographing weddings and events. Telling the stories of the day through strong visualizations with a heavy emphasis on keeping the day laid back but on time. I pride myself on my ability to manage the day while keeping it fun and meanwhile creating timeless images that couples will cherish for a lifetime.


For inquiries please feel free to reach out!
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